WWAV Podcast Interview Series: Meet Richard de Koster

Everything I do, wear, eat, no animal abuse or use is in place. I do not wear leather. I do not wear wool. I do not eat animals or animal products, and this way…I am also helping reduce the polluting of the environment, and I know for sure also my health is positively influenced with this decision.

The 16th interview in this series, features Richard de Koster. Richard is a kind and passionate soul dedicated to aligning and collaborating with humans and businesses in the Netherlands and worldwide to create and perpetuate not only the vegan conversation as it impacts all life here on earth, but also as a source of truth for living a life of compassion and purpose.

Richard has been vegan for 2 years, and vegetarian for 20+.  In this interview, he shares his vegan journey in The Netherlands, why he became vegan and how is personal vegan journey continues to evolve and expand as he unites humans worldwide in a common and shared pursuit of health and harmony.

Mentioned in this interview: Jodi Monelle’s Live Kindly, Claire Smith & Beyond Animal, Damien Clarkson and Vevolution,

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