WWAV Podcast Interview Series: Meet Phoebe Hewson

[Being vegan] means being conscious of what I put on my body, what I put in my body, things that I consume or buy, and making sure that those things in no way cause suffering for any living being of any kind.

The 15th interview in this series, features Phoebe Hewson. Phoebe is truly a shining light in my life and such a joy to be around. Her compassion for other sentient beings of all races, species, walks-of-life, ages, identifications, etc. is beyond admirable. She is also one of the most quick-witted and funny people I know.

Phoebe has been vegan for 6 years. In this interview, she shares her heart and soul, and the continuing evolution of her personal vegan journey.

Mentioned in this interview: Elf (100% vegan & cruelty-free cosmetics), Kat Von D, Liz Murphy & Santosha Nutrition

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