WWAV Podcast Interview Series: Meet Cortney Palm

The best way to describe [Veganism] is you live as simply as you can, and you spread love, while living a compassionate lifestyle and extending that compassion to absolutely everything and everyone.

The 19th interview in this series, features the lovely Cortney Palm. Cortney is a woman with conviction that inspires and compassion that ignites the sentient in all of us to live and love our fullest.

Cortney has been vegan for 7 years. In this interview, she shares her thoughts on all things vegan and gives us a deeply personal look at her personal vegan journey and her vegan lifestyle.

Mentioned in this interview: Lauren Ledoc (aka Vegan Yogi Unicorn), RZA, EarthlingEd, James Aspy (LA Animal Save‘s pig vigils), Jane Unchained, PETA, Mercy For Animals, Nature Conservancy, Oceana, Billie Eilish, Miley Cyrus, Woody Harrelson, Vitamix, Nada Moo, Leah Dollinger & Meat the Victims, Herringbone (short film), and Brendan Brazier’s Thrive

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