The WWAV Podcasts Interview Series Begins!

WWAV Podcast Host Gabrielle Hewson

I am vegan because I am passionate about the welfare, happiness and health of all sentient beings and our planet.

An Interview with Why We Are Vegan Founder, Gabrielle Hewson

This is the first interview of the Why We Are Vegan podcasts interview series entitled “Why We Are Vegan”, the genesis of the documentary by the same name, currently in production. The purpose of this on-going interview series is to focus on a wide variety of conscious, compassionate human beings walking their talk and inspiring others to consider the future of this planet and the sentient beings that live here worldwide.

This first interview is the interviewer (moi) interviewing myself. Interviewing the interviewer was a great way to test my questions to make sure they flow well from one to the other, and to demonstrate the truths, hearts, minds, and dreams that propel those who answer them. We are all unique. I love that. These peeps embrace their uniqueness and move forward each and every day to inform and empower the rest of the world.

Mentioned in this Episode: Skinny Bitch

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