Dedicated to Becoming More Sustainable

We’ve mutually dedicated ourselves to making steps to becoming more sustainable in 2015. We believe every step in this direction enables us to better our planet and our own lives. In this regard, we will be featuring our experiences and views on products that we’ve tried and how well they fare with harmonizing our imprint on our lives, our ethics, and softening our impact on our environment.


Often, as with any change implemented, there is an opportunity to be genius and invent ways to integrate said change seamlessly into ones life – often with a bit of artistic ingenuity. This New Year’s Day was no exception. We had string leftover from our previous move, clothes pins, and various eyes and hooks in our small collection of nails, screws, and the like. Knowing that we wanted to minimize the amount of paper products we use daily, we realized that the limited space in our apartment might impede our desire to go-green. We met the challenge head on by creating a quick “clothesline” above our sink that would enable us to hang and dry any paper substitutes we purchased so that they could be cleaned, dried and reused in perpetuity. Once we devised a probable solution, we did some research at our local Jimbo’s and settled on our first of many steps toward going green; revising how we clean and dry dishes, countertops and the like in our kitchen and bathroom. Our first step: Twist sponges.

Twist is a line of plant-based products made by a company called Sponge Technology Corporation (STC), headquartered in our old haunt, Boulder, Colorado.

We are thoroughly enjoying the convenience of two of their Twist products:

  • Sponge Cloths, and
  • a Dish Dumpling.

Sponge Cloths are great for just about anything you’d use a paper towel for. In fact, according to STC, one cloth outlasts 17 rolls of paper towels. They work for cleaning, wiping and drying. They come in bright 7″-ish green, yellow (both pictured) and orange squares.

Dish Dumplings are made with tough agave twine and enable scouring, scrubbing and cleaning (see upper right corner of page photo).

Please consider these and other green-cleaning options next time you’re shopping for paper towels.

Happy cleaning; happy living!

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