WWAV Podcast Interview Series: Meet Raffaella Giampaolo

Raffaella Giampaolo

In the case of being vegan, you are considering animals who are other sentient beings — they have souls like we do — so, if I care deeply about people… then I should care an equal amount — and I do care an equal amount — for animals as well…

The fifth interview in this series, features Raffaella Giampaolo. Raffaella is an intuitive healer providing Reiki, sound therapy, aroma therapy and spiritual readings for self-discovery and transformation.

Raffaella has been vegan for 4 years. In this interview, she helps us understand why she became vegan and shares with us her personal vegan journey.

Mentioned in this podcast: Kimberly Snyder, Glowing Green Smoothie, Eating Animals (documentary), James Aspey, EarthlingEd

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