Intend to Have Fun

Senior Picture Shoot 2010

At one with nature

Every morning Phoebe and I wake up, we each take a moment to pause and set our intentions for the day.

Of course, we don’t anticipate issues or road blocks, however, we believe that without living each day intentionally, we will manage to create them for ourselves.

This picture of Phoebe (one of many I took for her high school senior yearbook picture) came about when she flipped her hair too close to the tree and it literally wrapped around the branch. I kept snapping photos until I couldn’t hold in my giggles any longer. And then we shared tear-inducing laughter both disentangling her from the branch, but also the silliness that followed when she starting camping up her poses.

The resulting photos she had to choose from were amazing and the actual photo she chose for the yearbook was absolutely beautiful.

Neither one of us would ever purport to be perfect, so those issues and road blocks do come upon occasion. And when they do, we each have had our moments of implosion, albeit brief. Still, we’ve found that when we set our intentions for each day, and reflect on what we are grateful for, no matter what previous thought process brought us to the conflict in front of us, we can turn it around on a dime, when we remember that we’re here on earth to have fun.

So intend each morning to live by intention, deliberately, rather than by default; know that you have the power within you to change your perspective, thus your thoughts and actions, and therefore, you experiences. Intend to have fun, to be joyful and adventurous, live life to the fullest! The results will, naturally, be beautiful.

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