Giving Thanks in 2016

gentlebarnturkey2014-gbthxgvg-gab-feeding-turkeyAs we start the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, Phoebe and I both want to share what we are thankful for. There’s a bunch, so we’ll keep it close and tight 🙂 .

For 2016 we are giving thanks for:

  1. Each other – a nice balance of determination, super smarts, and cray-cray (the fun kind) has helped us attain some wonderful personal and professional milestones this year, including clearer alignment with what we want to accomplish with Why We Are Vegan™, how and with whom.
  2. All of you – we have met so many new people and learned about so much wonderful and admirable proactivity throughout the world, thanks to all of you. It’s inspired us and helped bring clarity to how we want to be involved and proactive as well.
  3. Social media – followers, likes, and connections across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn (especially, both Phoebe’s and my professional pages), and, in process, Pinterest have increased exponentially each month this year – despite both of us having limited time (due to college graduation (Phoebe), new jobs (both of us) and a recent relocation (closer to our day jobs – and the beach!), to share as much as we have truly wanted to this year with you. These welcome opportunities have straightened our passion paths and enabled us to establish a rhythm and life-balance to free us to most purposefully grow Why We Are Vegan™ and further empower all the lives we connect with in positive, proactive, informative ways.
    And speaking of proactive…
  4. Proactive opportunities – foundations built in 2016 mean new features will be added to our site. I’m not going to spoil the fun of unveiling each of them as they are rolled out. Instead I’ll divulge that we’ll be bringing you valuable lifestyle information and insights focused on sustainability and our focus – Connecting with and respecting life™. This will include a monthly newsletter, t-shirts you’ll want to wear and share, books for all ages, recommendations for products we use and love that help make our lives and the world healthier and happier, interviews with people in our communities that are making the world a better place for all life here on earth in powerful and progressive ways, and much more. Stay tuned!

Wishing each and every one of you, and your families, friends and all the creatures in your lives, the very best of the holiday season.

With much love, respect and appreciation,

Gabrielle & Phoebe

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