The Importance of Listening

The following post was originally published via Fueled By Thought. Vegans are compassionate beings, likely more in touch with themselves and others than most. Still, we all tend to forget the importance of listening – being in the present, respecting the person we are speaking with, and acknowledging the details of what they’ve shared with us, validating them by expressing the value they represent based on what their information – perhaps even introducing them to another opportunity. Because we vegans are passionate people, we want to be heard, respected, acknowledged. We want to know we are making a difference – positively impacting the betterment of life – all life – on earth.

Please email us if you have any sage words of wisdom we’ve not touched on here to become a better listener.

The Importance of Listening

Taking Inventory

How often are you asked about yourself when you initially meet someone who appears to really be interested at a networking opportunity, and you actually get to finish your response without interruption? Networking groups are set up to enable people to connect with one another and find ways to work together and/or promote each other’s products and/or services. This is an ideal situation that is potentially mutually beneficial for you and the person you are speaking with. How often are you asked a question about yourself (What brings you here? What is it you do? etc.) only to have your response ignored as the asker proceeds to:
  • look around the room rather than engage in eye contact; and/or
  • check their cell phone – or start texting – while you are speaking; and/or
  • let themselves be distracted by another person who has just inserted themselves between the two of you to get their attention?
Worse still, how often to they then take the limited information they chose to take in about you and jump to assumptions based on this limited information? – Maybe even take a moment to hand you off to someone else or introduce you to a colleague (well-intentioned as it may be) by incorrectly representing your name or what you do or anything else you took great care to share with them? Frustrating. How often have YOU done any or all of these things? Read More

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