Did You Know Aardvarks Are Sustainable?

With Them It’s Easy To Take Daily Steps Toward a More Sustainable Lifestyle!

Biodegradable + Compostable + Sustainable = AWESOME!

Biodegradable + Compostable + Sustainable = AWESOME!

While working on Book 2 of our All Good Thoughts, All Good Dreams book series, I was looking for a more portable alternative to the glass straws Phoebe and I use – and reuse – daily. I remembered the fine restaurants my grandparents used to take me to always had super cool and colorful paper straws tucked into their specialty drinks – even for kids. What happened to paper straws?

Paper straws go way back to 1888 when a man named Marvin Stone first wound paper around a pencil to make a long skinny tube and glued the overlapping edges, then coated the outside of the straw with a thin coat of was to slow the sofenting of the straw in liquid. In the late 1930s a bendable version of the paper straw was invented by Joseph Friedman. Plastic straws came into being in the 1960s.

Despite the fact that many plastics can be recycled, plastic straws cannot. They actually break recycling machines because they easily get jammed inside them. They are also made from a by-product of petroleum (crude oil – think Beverly Hillbillies). Petroleum products are designed to last forever; they are not friendly to our environment or biodegradable. Because plastic straws are not recyclable, they end up in landfills and are among the top 10 items you’ll find littering your streets and neighborhoods – as well as your recreational parks. Imagine 46,400 large yellow school buses being filled to the top each year by these plastic straws. That represents the 500,000,000 straws we use each day and throw away. 90% of the trash floating in our oceans is plastic; 44% of that plastic – including plastic straws – is mistakenly eaten by mammals and seabirds. In the last 25 years, 6,263,213 plastic straws and stirrers were picked up during annual beach clean-up events.

I discovered a paper straw company called Aardvark. Aardvark produces the only paper drinking straws in the U.S. These straws are flexible in so many ways, they are worth talking about – and using. They come in a variety of sizes and bend or don’t bend, according to your preference. You can even put your brand and message on them!

All that’s nice, but here’s why making Aardvark paper straws your go-to is better for you, your family, your environment, and other life on this planet. These paper straws:

  • are made with non-toxic, BPA-free and 100% chlorine-free inks and papers;
  • decompose in only 45-60 days;
  • are strong and durable – unlike other paper straws, Aardvark paper straws do not become soft and soggy after a short time and their colors don’t bleed into your drink; and,
  • are customizable – you can advertise your brand as well as your committment to earth-friendliness and make a powerful – perhaps inspirational – impression on others.

Aardvark’s mission is “to make sipping, crafting, decorating and entertaining fun for all and good for the planet.” If you’re reading this post, your mission is to do as much as you can to improve your own as well as your family’s health and/or to be kinder and gentler to life on this planet.

After discovering Aardvark paper straws, I contacted them to request samples Phoebe and I could try for ourselves. They are wonderful! So why not be the first of your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues to make a positive difference in the future health of ourselves, our children, and our environment? Check out where you can find these wonderful straws.

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