Enjoy our Why We Are Vegan children’s book series

Meet Rosemary Wild, a thoughtful and compassionate girl with a love of life – all life. She sees the world as a beautiful canvas that she, like all of us, can express herself on each day to create bright, colorful and happy life experiences that inspire and empower her and those around her.

Like all of us, Rosemary desires healthy, friends, laughter, happiness and fun. Rosemary doesn’t worry; Rosemary takes action toward the end results she seeks. Each day she sets her intention on the outcomes she wants and then takes baby steps toward those outcomes by focusing on why she is doing what she is doing.

Rosemary is quintessentially who and what all of us aspire to be. She is not perfect by the world’s standards; she, like each of us, is perfectly enough to be anything and everything we desire. Her life’s purpose it to live it. Her desire is for harmony in all things. Her compassion is for life of all kinds. Her heart, while uniquely hers, still goes out to everyone. She realizes that it is not her job to fix the world and others, but rather to be the best sentient being she can be. She does this by focusing on mutually-beneficial end results such as living the Golden Rule (“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”) and taking initiative to make her world a happier, healthier, more harmonious place by first taking care of herself and, in doing so, demonstrating to others how they too can not only make a difference in their own lives but also the lives of others.

Rosemary’s special, and so are you. Rosemary’s world goes beyond living a vegan lifestyle. Her world is full of all good thoughts and all good dreams, and she is here to share her thoughts and dreams with you.

Rosemary’s Garden

Rosemary dreamed of a beautiful garden full of delicious fruits and vegetables that she could tend to in her own backyard.She also dreamed of a clean and happy neighborhood. She decided to make a difference and take daily steps to clean up her environment. In the process, she managed to change lives by demonstrating kindness, uniting her neighbors, and growing friendships, while making her dream a reality.

Rosemary’s Garden Recipes

Rosemary and her friends created a garden around her back yard full of fruits, herbs and vegetables — it was not hard. They cleaned up their neighborhood and recycled the trash by composting uneaten plants, turning bottles and cans into cash. Gardens are fun and best when they’re shared. These starter recipes are easily prepared. Ask your parents for help cutting and blending and having fun in the kitchen will be never-ending!