Our Mission

Why We Are Vegan’s mission focus is all-encompassing
To demonstratively live by The Golden Rule; to proactively contribute to the restoration and nurturing of our natural resources, and the health of our environment; and, to promote the holistic benefits of plant-based nutrition.

We believe the Animal Kingdom encompasses all sentient beings that share this earth and its natural resources with humans – amphibians, birds, fish, insects, mammals, and reptiles; they are ALL fellow living, breathing, seeing, feeling, loving, caring, smelling, tasting, hearing, experiencing, remembering, thinking, instinctual, intuitive, camaraderie-seeking beings.

We also believe that the more love we put out into the world the faster it will heal, one living being at a time.

Our Vision

To be positive influencers for all, toward a plant-based, Golden Rule-abiding, life-honoring and sustainable co-existence with all sentient beings, appreciating the earth, our natural resources, and each other.

Mini - Interview

Gabrielle Hewson and daughter Phoebe
Gabrielle Hewson and daughter Phoebe - and, yes, those are Hogwarts Ts!

Gabrielle Hewson created the Why We Are Vegan website to answer frequently-asked questions she and her daughter, Phoebe, were getting about their vegan lifestyle because so many people were asking why they had each made that conscious choice, and where they could get more information about resources — from where to buy food to what restaurants had the most vegan options or were 100% vegan, as well as where to find plant-based cleaning products, make-up, clothing and accessories, alternative-energy transportation, vegan travel and vacation options, facts supporting a plant-based and animal products- and by-products-free lifestyle, and much more.

It was Gabrielle’s quest to find a path to overall wellness that worked for both her and Phoebe’s bodies and budgets. While transition can be expensive, sometimes it’s worth investing a little more up front to benefit more fully in the long-term. On this site, Gabrielle share’s their adventures and discoveries in an effort to make the most information accessible to all who care to embrace it. Throughout this site there are quick and inexpensive options as well as options that require a bit more investment of time, energy, and/or money to attain and maintain the healthy vegan and sustainable lifestyle you desire.

Briefly, how their journeys began:

Gabrielle: Our vegetarian journey began to take form in 2011 when I began research for the topic of my Masters thesis: Girls Living Healthy (a web site). In doing so, I started reconnecting with my healthier mindset and previously dormant self. At minimum, I wanted to enjoy life again with energy and excitement in getting up each morning. I graduated and completed my thesis in May of 2012, but kept on researching and chipping away at the myths I’d been raised on by both family and the media regarding what one “should” eat.

Phoebe: My mom shared with me what she was learning about health and the treatment of animals by the meat industry and I felt it only right to join her on this journey. I noticed that not only did I feel more alive, but I was happier in general, not effected by the junk I’d been eating – especially in college!

Gabrielle: Our vegan journey evolved with the more we learned in our effort to walk our talk and build our knowledge base. The most challenging step was giving up dairy 100% for three reasons: it’s addictive qualities, social and educational conditioning, and dairy is hidden in the majority of prepared foods in stores and restaurants, so, until we became vigilant about reading labels and asking questions, it took us a while to clue in. We made the decision together for two far more powerful reasons: our appreciation for a truly healthy lifestyle (from our own health to improving our environment) and our love of animals.

Phoebe: I remember the very day we both said it was time to be vegan. We both just looked at each other and said “we don’t need cheese or dairy” because we understand that it only hurts us, it hurts animals, and, above all, it doesn’t originate to feed humans; it is the necessary nutrition made by all female mammals on earth to nourish their babies and help them grow big, strong and get a healthy start in life.